Calabria Shipping Agency is able to assist all types of Italian and foreign ships calling the port of Gioia Tauro and in Italy. Thanks to a network of agencies, Calabria Shipping can provide international representation in the Mediterranean. Professionals with a solid experience in shipping and a headboard organizational structure provide services which meets the specific needs of each client.

In the port of Gioia Tauro, Calabria Shipping represents the most important shipping companies within the Mediterranean.

Today, Calabria Shipping Agency, has signed agreements with leading freight forwarders. We are able to offer to the shipping world a full range of high quality services and added value, thanks to a constant investment in facilities, technology and human resources.

  • Calabria Shipping’s mission is to maintain a flexible and efficient structure aimed at a customer service of high quality based on a human and corporate spirit relationship.


A team of professionals with decades of experience at your service.

Michele Mumoli


Michele Mumoli

Managing Director


Massimo Tonizzo

Operations department

Cell. +39 340.5316504 –

Valerio Mammola

Operations department

Cell. +39 393.9885055 –

Salvatore Fiorenza

Operations department

Cell. +39 393.8837385

Nino Tripodi

Operations department

Cell. +39 346.3031345 –

Vincenzo Cortese

Operations department

Carmelo Musumeci

Operations department

Giovanni Cortese

Operations department


Enrico Mumoli

Customs department

Cell. +39 329.2316651

Domenico Parisi

Customs department

Cell. +39 347.6190187


Pat Bilardi

Docs department

 Cell. +39 320.1462294 –

Annalisa Gentile

Docs department

Mario Scrivo

Docs department

Rosamaria Cortese

Docs department

Giuseppe Pavia

Docs department

Cel. +39 340.5321134 –


Andrea Polimeni

Administration department

Cell. +39 340.7580325